About Anfield
    “Deliver quality work, in a timely manner, and always at a fair price”

Anfield Mechanical Contractors (Anfield), under the legal entities of Anfield Mechanical Services Limited and Anfield Air Limited are Canadian owned and operated mechanical contractors offering industry leading solutions to all plumbing and HVAC projects.

Anfield opened for business in 1981 as a plumbing
contractor involved in primarily commercial and
industrial plumbing contracts. As the company grew
throughout the 1980s and in order to compete in all
aspects of the mechanical sector, the HVAC division
was formed in 1991.

This diversification has allowed Anfield to aggressively seek out and win many major bids and gain market share in the GTA and throughout Ontario as well as projects in Calgary, Alberta. Anfield has also worked on numerous Design/Build projects with great success, developing best practices ensuring a successful approach and quality mechanical systems.