Welcome to Anfield
    “Deliver quality work, in a timely manner, and always at a fair price”

As our mandate above suggests, Anfield is an innovative mechanical contractor with fresh ideas that delivers projects on time and on budget. Our people are the best in the business and we listen to our employees, involving them in the process from start to finish. With the right combination of experience, commitment and hard work, Anfield is one of the most reliable contractors in Ontario. Our success comes from always doing more to ensure your construction projects are completed as promised.

Most of our clients have worked with Anfield for many years and continue to put their trust in our business practices and commitment to quality workmanship.

Our Primary Markets Include:
Restaurants, Recreational facilities, Long Term Care Facilities, Big Box Stores, Food and Department Stores, Apartment Buildings, High Rise Office Buildings, Car Dealerships.

Please choose ANFIELD as your source of professional and trusted plumbing services for the industrial, commercial and institutional sectors.

United Mennonite
Wal-Mart Ancaster
Amica at Dundas
Areas of Expertise
Plumbing & Heating, Commercial, Industrial & Institutional
Piping Systems - Soldered, Welded, Threaded, Vic-Grooved, Press Fit, P.V.C.,
Wersbo and all types of plastic piping installations
Water, Sewer and Gas Lines
Hot Water Heaters and Pumps
Back Flow Preventors – Installation and Inspection Services
Cooling towers